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Retainers are non-refundable and will apply towards the chosen session of your choice.  Our retainer is $299 being that we can only schedule one session at a time and guaranteeing that day and time to you, we cannot to anyone else.  The retainer is non-refundable, but transferrable to another date for the same person due to unforeseen weather, emergency, or illness. The new date needs to be rescheduled and taken within 30 days of the original booking in order for any session fee special to apply, unless it is not possible by Rachelle James, then at which point, we will get you in as soon as we can, but cannot guarantee a certain day of the week, time frame, or season.


Due to the custom nature of the services and products being commissioned, experience(s) and/or talent being sought after, limited availability, quality products being ordered or worked on and/or services rendered, rather or not you have received part of the experience, print, social or digital products, all sales are final, non-refundable, and/or non-transferable.  If studio allows any change at all, to any part of the client’s experience (i.e. session date/time/type), all monies paid of any type, are non-refundable and all monies paid by client are forfeited and any unpaid balances, for any part of the experience and/or order, are still due immediately and are non-refundable.  Session Fees, retainers, minimum orders, applicable fees, and all ordered balances are still due (within 48 hours) and apply even if studio allows a change and is totally up to the studio's discretion and no reason if not allowed is necessary. 

All sales are final, non-transferable, non-returnable, and/or non-refundable.  All paid and unpaid payment(s) due, monies paid or owed, or acted as:  an advance(s), a deposit(s), retainer(s) at any point (non-refundable and/or refundable), session fee(s), travel fee(s), make-up and/or hair fee(s), styling fee(s), consulting fee(s), credit card fee(s), shipping and handling fee(s), additional fee(s) (listed or not listed here), advance(s), and/or payment(s) towards session, service(s), product(s), experience(s), video(s), image(s), digital/social product(s), payment plan(s), split payment(s), applicable fee(s), and/or your order are forfeited and any remaining right(s) to change your order are waived, at or prior to your ordering appointment itself (no matter the location, time, and/or date) due to the custom nature of the services, experiences, products (prints or digital, received or not received) being commissioned, experience and/or talent being sought, and/or rendered, rather or not you have received any printed, social, or digital products.


Sessions have a $599 package minimum order or its equivalent.


All images photographed, video recorded, sound recorded, and/or documented communication logs, transcripts, texts, emails, phone calls, and more  (seen, unseen, heard, unheard, notified or not, professionally or unprofessionally) at and from the consult, session, ordering appointment and/or any part of the process, remain the sole property of Rachelle James and its associated and non-associated parties.  Print releases up to an 8x10 in size may be purchased for ONLY personal use, but the Copyright and the rights to all images (ordered and unordered) remain the property of Rachelle James and its related and non-related entities and may be used to market, post, share on social media, sell, training, stock photography, publishing, design, outside work, marketing, ads, and more, rather they be print, digital, drawings, reinditions, and more.  Client waives all rights to unforeseen or foreseen, future and current, monetary and non-monetary compensation of any sorts to any and all images as they are the sole proprietary and intellectual property of Rachelle James and its related and non-related entities.  Rachelle James reserves the rights to decide who and what can be used for what circumstance.  All, non-documented or misused usage, is punisable under Copyright Laws and will be prosecuted by Rachelle James.



Referral credit and credits towards your order, will be deducted from total balance of order, after all taxes and fees.  Referrals must have already taken and ordered their pictures with us for the money to be applied.    



Prices are subject to change without notice.



Only take place in-person and are subject to local and government laws, varying on climate of country and being socially aware of circumstances surrounding our region.  You are given one, in-person ordering appointment, as a part of your experience, if available by the studio (if policies for this are changed due to local, state or government mandates, rules, or regulations, we will inform you of the procedures as and when such is applicable).  One, additional, ordering appointment maybe available upon request, based upon availability (if any), at a additional cost of $150 (does not apply towards minimum order.)   


You are given one, in-person ordering appointment, as a part of your experience if available by the studio.  ONE additional ordering appointment maybe available upon request, based upon availability (if any), at a additional cost of $150 (does not apply towards minimum order.). There is a minimum order (ask to which one applies to your session)* for every session (not including session fee, travel fees, hair and make-up, non-refundable retainer, or additional fees) that is due at the time of your Order and Reveal Appointment or two weeks after your session, whichever comes first.  

The day of your Order and Reveal appointment, your balance is due in full or a split paymnet may be arranged. Ask for more details on split payments.  You may pay with cash, check, venmo, cash app, paypal* or credit card* (visa, discover, or mastercard, processing and processing and handling fees of 3%-12% or more apply to paying with a credit card or sending money via a paypal invoice).  You may pay in full at the time of your Order and Reveal Appointment or set-up, in-person, 75% down and 25% to be paid one month later (must have two forms of payment, to two different accounts, set-up on file:  by credit card, debit card, check, venmo, and/or cash app on file) or you may pay 50% down, but not less than the minimum order of $599 in full with any of these split payment options and put the rest on a payment plan to pay in full the following month with a 10% service fee.*  *Please feel free to ask for more details on ordering options, partial payments and/or payment plans and how we go about setting them up and filling them out. 

The person/people (client and/or parent/guardian) that comes, understands and agrees (by action:  verbally or non-verbally) he/she/they can be the sole or group decision maker(s) for any part of the experience or ordering process and he/she/they do/does not need to consult a related party.  All consulting parties to the decision making process, payment appoval, payment process, or that has a final say in any part of the experience, should and needs to be present.  By not doing so, he/she/they waive their right to make any decisions regarding the session, experience, process, ordering process, and more and the contract (written, oral, or inferred) is entered into with he/she/those that are present at the time of each appointment, rather it be on the phone, text, email, or in-person, and is financially responsible for the associated and related payments, expenses, order total and balances.



All of these sales' policies and procedures are understood and entered into agreement above and apply, rather entered into orally, in writing, or inferred by conduct:  the day and time of your booking/scheduling a session, prior to and your session day, itself, at or prior to your order and reveal appointment, at the signing sales'/ordering contract (if applicable), the day of your delivery and days after, and/or upon your arrival or attendance and is entered into by all associated members of the client being photographed (present or not present) of any and all of your related and/or immediate parties.  By not all parties coming to or taking part in any part of a consultation, session, in-person ordering appointment, and/or delivery, he/she waives his or right to disagree with any of the above terms, make changes to it and disparage any part of Rachelle James or its brand by booking (penciling in a date, or making any payment in full or partilal towards a retainer that applies towards  a session with us).



For more information, questions, clarifciation, or to see ordering contract please ask for more details.

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