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Fall will be here

before you know it...

Brooks Pillow Fight.jpg

That means it can only be time for one thinG!... 


Having a hard time convincing your hubby to be on board, your kids wanting to cooperate or participate at all, or just struggling with what to wear?...    Don't stress!  Try our Family Pillow Fight Session this Fall!  There is no BETTER time than now to book your ONCE IN A LIFETIME, FAMILY PILLOW FIGHT Session.  Don't worry about your hair, shoes, or the typical photoshoot details that keep stressing you out and stopping you from making it happen!...  Just bring coordinating colors, your cute, bare feet!, and your reactions to each other combined with our photography skills, will take care of the rest!  

Worried about, "Will you love them?"  For sure!  We TOTALLY understand that and think it's a normal response...  Let's just put it the simplest way possible, YES!!!  Many of our clients come to us thinking, they will do this just one time or it's been a LONG time since they have done it and so it's time for another, but after they have so much fun creating beautiful family portraits with us, they want to come back every year!  You will LOVE your pictures or we are happy to reshoot them for you! 


Wanting to wait for a particular reason?  We get it.  We have all felt that way.  Maybe we aren't happy we are in life, like what we see in the mirror staring back at ourselves, or just feel totally uncomfortable.  We can assure you, NOW is the time!  Don't wait for that particular dress to fit, your hair to grow out, or to loose those extra pounds; none of us are promised tomorrow and it's important you document your PRECIOUS AND IRREPLACEABLE LIFE AND FAMILY NOW!!!  We will take care of the rest and TRUST US, we are pretty good at photoshop if you are wanting that little extra help that no one will even notice, but will make feel and look REALLY AMAZING to just know we GOT this!!!  

What about pricing, ordering, and reservation fees?  We have been doing this a SUPER long time and absolutely LOVE what we get to do for you.  This is a professional portrait experience that is fully guided.  Your non-refundable reservation fee reserves your time on our calendar to make sure we have everything ready for you.  It takes care of the time, talent, travel, and location of the photographer and assistant if needed.  After your session, you will be able to come to a private reservation appointment a week to a week and half later to watch a beautiful slideshow with some other fun surprises that we will showcase our FAVORITE images from your sesssion.  At that time, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of options, ranging from:  Digital Collections, Print Collections, Wall Art, Albums, and more!  Pricing options start at $100, a minimum order of $500 applies towards all of family sessions and that's only because ALL of our families LOVE them sooo much, even more than they could have dreamed and it's to help you start planning financially, but as well, we have been doing this a LONG time and EVERYONE ALWAYS LOVES THEM!!!

Now, come on, let's have some REAL FUN together!!!

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